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You might be in your 30s… or 40s… maybe even your 50s — regardless of age, it’s the moment you never really believed would come. It’s the moment you realize that the face staring back at you in mirror looks different and you wonder… am I getting enough sleep? Why do I look so tired? Chances are, it’s a few decades of gravity finally revealing that you’re not impervious to it’s long-term effects. But before you regretfully wave goodbye to youth in the rearview mirror… or begin counting down the years until you think it’s “appropriate” to start researching a “facelift,” we’ve got good news: In 2017 (and beyond), we’re redefining the means and method of giving your face a “lift.”

A Cheeky Little Lift

The first signs of aging generally show up as the skin and tissues of the face lose volume. It’s subtle — just enough to make you realize you’re, a-hem, beginning to “mature.” Just ever so slightly, of course. This is where Voluma comes in. Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler that is designed and FDA-approved for injection into the mid face (cheek) area to restore lost volume. So if your cheeks have flattened out and you feel like your face is missing those youthful curves it once had, this simple solution may be all you need.

Streamline Your Jawline

As aging progresses, not only do your cheeks flatten out, but skin will begin to sag and pre-jowls can muddle a once-perfectly defined jawline. You need a little extra pick-me-up. Meet Silhouette Instalift, the 30-minute instant lift. In this minimally invasive procedure, Dr. Few uses biodegradable thread and absorbable cones to literally lift skin and tissues of the face, which also stimulate and regenerate the skin in and around the cheeks and jawline over time to restore fullness and definition.

Stackable Strategy

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that as we age, our options for turning back the clock become more invasive. But thanks to Dr. Few’s innovation and research, it’s simply not true. Stackable Treatment is a method Dr. Few discovered that safely and effectively uses multiple modalities to address the three primary aspects of the aging face: skin damage (laser resurfacing), volume loss (injectables) and drooping (Ultherapy) in one treatment session. Together these deliver near surgical results, with minimal trauma and downtime.

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