If you find yourself answering yes to any of the following questions, then you may need either a breast lift or a breast reduction at the Few Institute in Chicago:

  • Are you struggling to find clothes that fit your breast shape and size? 
  • Is the weight of overly large, heavy breasts causing you back and neck pain? 
  • Is it challenging to exercise correctly? 
  • Are you sleeping in a bra at night to keep the ladies secured in place so you can rest comfortably?
  • Have your breasts lost their natural shape and elasticity through increases and decreases in size and fullness due to pregnancy and nursing? 
  • Are you tired of tucking excess skin on your breasts into the cup of your bra trying to recover that youthful swell?
  • Would you like your breast size and shape to be in proportion to your hips and figure?

Is a breast lift or breast reduction right for me?

Our breasts are part of our identity, as women, mothers, and partners. We dress them to reflect our moods, intentions, and actions. They form a part of the feminine aesthetic, that is personal to each of us. When our breasts are not what we expected or have changed due to pregnancy and nursing, we wonder – “What can be done?” 

A breast lift or a breast reduction at the Few Institute in Chicago, are cosmetic procedures designed to help answer that question. When your breasts are a problem for you, it is time to consider getting help. At the Few Institute in Chicago, a breast lift and a breast reduction can be done as individual procedures or in combination. 

Breast lift

A breast lift in Chicago is an excellent way to reclaim the natural shape of your breast, lost through aging, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, or in some cases to create a more rounded, pert, look, and form. Through specific techniques determined by Dr. Few before surgery, the breast lift will improve the position, shape, and firmness of your existing breast tissue. Your nipple structure can be moved or enhanced in size and shape to create the most attractive look.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction in Chicago is an excellent treatment to reduce the size of overly large, pendulous breasts may be causing neck and back pain – and are a problem when buying any clothing. A breast reduction at the Few Institute will remove excess breast tissue and skin and reshape your breasts, so they are better positioned and have a natural look, aesthetic shape, and firmness. 

How do I find out if a breast lift or breast reduction is right for me?

Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Few is the first step in getting the results you want for your breasts. The first step is contacting one of our staff to schedule a confidential consultation. From there you can review your medical history, address your concerns and devise a treatment plan specific to you. Dr. Few and his staff strive to ensure that that your results enhance your overall quality of life.

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