Diane Cordon, Aesthetician, The Few Institute
Diane Cordon, Licensed Medical Aesthetician, The Few Institute

If you’ve got a teen at home, you know how significantly skin issues can affect their daily lives. While there’s no way around hormones at this age and the havoc wreaked on young skin, there are a few things you can do to help control the outbreaks, says Diane Cordon, Licensed Esthetician at The Few Institute, Chicago. Here are her tips to help manage teen acne:

Cleanse Daily

At the bare minimum, be sure your teen is using a daily cleanser. This one step will wash away excess oils and dirt accumulated throughout the day. Diane recommends one of the daily facial washes from Neutrogena.

Wipe Out

Boy or girl, if they play sports, be sure to pick up a package of facial toilettes for their gym bag. All that sweat and dirt only makes already acne-prone skin worse. “At the end of practice or a game, just have them wipe their face,” says Diane. Her recommendation is a product you can pick up at your local drug story for the price of a cup of coffee: Yes to Cucumbers.

Scrub Weekly

One of the culprits behind acne? Dead skin cells that clog up the pores. To help clear these off of the skin, use a medical-grade scrub once per week on teen skin, says Diane. She suggests exfoliating with JF Aesthetic MD Scrub once per week.

Deep Clean

If your teen has blackheads and other clogged pore-induced blemishes, consider taking them for a monthly facial. Licensed medical estheticians use enzymes and other methods to safely extract the pores to help keep skin clean and avoid breakouts and possible infections. Ask Diane if a SilkPeel or other professional facial treatment offered at Chicago’s Few Institute might be right for your teen.

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