party-champagne-womanIt’s what everyone wants to know this time of year: Is it too late to get a treatment in time for the holidays? The short answer is no. There are several injectable treatments you can still have before we ring in the New Year! Here are our top 3 solutions for looking your best this holiday season:


You can still get your Botox injections and reap the beautiful benefits before the New Year! It takes several days to see the effects. No downtime makes it the perfect lunch-time procedure:

– Look younger by smoothing away wrinkles

– Look rested with a mini eye lift!

Recovery: none
Results: about a week


Take off 5 years in just a few minutes with Juvéderm Voluma to the mid face (cheeks)! Results are apparent immediately. Some patients may experience minimal bruising, but generally no downtime is required.

– Look 5 years younger instantly!

– Downtime is minimal, if any

Recovery: 1-2 days for soreness
Results: Immediate, with full results in up to 2 weeks


It’s the hot new dermal filler that’s designed especially for enhancing the lips and mouth area.

– Fuller lips instantly!

– Smooth away lines around the mouth

Recovery: 2 days for swelling to subside
Results: Immediate, with full results in about 1 week

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