What is an arm lift?

An arm lift is a custom surgery to create a firm, sculpted look to the upper arms. This is achieved by placing an incision on the underside of the arms, through which the excess skin and fat is removed. A less invasive approach may be appropriate in some cases, with the incision lines hidden in the underarm. 

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What can an arm lift do?

If you feel your upper arms have lost the firm, contoured look you want, and you hide them rather than show them off, you may be a good candidate for a custom arm lift surgery. This procedure corrects the following aesthetic issues:

  • Saggy, lax skin on the upper arms
  • “Bat wings”
  • Lack of arm muscle definition
  • Upper arms appear loose, not firm
  • Age-related skin laxity on the upper arms

What is arm lift surgery like to experience?

An arm lift is a body contouring procedure, performed to restore the arm appearance. The surgery is painless, as in most cases it is performed with general anesthesia. The incision is placed from armpit to elbow, and excess skin and fat removed, and the incision closed with sutures.

For minor cases of arm contouring, the incisions are in the armpit. Some patients have excess tissue and fat removed from the sides of the chest during an arm lift. The arms are then covered with surgical dressings. Once you are awake, you can return home, transported by a family member or friend. 

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Enjoy the results of your arm lift: Recovery times

The recovery time for an arm lift is generally about one to two weeks. Ensure you follow your aftercare instructions, eat healthy foods, avoid alcohol, and avoid lifting the arms above the shoulders for three to four weeks. As the incisions heal, you regain motion and any sensation of weakness in hands or arms fades. Avoid any physical motions that could put stress on the incisions. You will have pain relieving medication to keep you comfortable. Following your arm lift in Chicago, you can expect to return to a non-physically active job in about one week to ten days. If your work duties are physically demanding, you will need about two weeks or more off work.

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The Few Institute: Leading plastic surgeon in Chicago

Dr. Julius Few is an accomplished, board-certified plastic surgeon who is known for achieving exceptional outcomes. Your journey to firm, contoured upper arms will be in an environment of support, empowerment, and respect. Dr. Few and the entire support team are exceptionally warm, caring, and dedicated to ensuring a positive, rewarding experience. Dr. Few is widely recognized as being one of the best plastic surgeons practicing in Chicago. He is passionate about achieving elegant, sculpted outcomes in arm lift surgery.

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