What is a thigh lift?

A thigh lift, or “thighplasty,” is a surgery to remove skin folds, tissue, and excess fat on the upper thighs. Sagging skin and tissue may remain on the upper thighs after losing a dramatic amount of weight, or can be the result of aging, or in some cases, is an inherited trait. If you desire shapely & contoured upper legs, an expert thigh lift in Chicago could be right for you.

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Weight loss and thigh appearance

If you have lost a significant quantity of weight, whether through diet and exercise, or bariatric surgery, your skin may not be able to snap back, leaving hanging folds of skin and tissue. If you have this condition, you may not feel comfortable revealing your thighs in a swimsuit or shorts. A thigh lift can be performed to remove the folds of skin, and create smooth, youthful-looking thighs, the final touch in your weight loss journey. The procedure may also be appropriate if sagging thigh skin has occurred due to age-related skin laxity. 

What can a thigh lift do for me?

If you have any of these cosmetic issues, a thigh lift could be right for you:

  • Sagging skin and folds remaining after a dramatic weight loss
  • Fatty areas on your inner or outer thighs
  • Your thighs are larger and appear unbalanced with your figure
  • You feel less confident due to excess fat and skin on the thighs
  • Chafing thighs
  • Visible cellulite dimples
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The Procedure – what To Expect

A thigh lift is performed under general anesthesia and may take several hours to complete. It may involve both liposuction and incisions to remove excess skin and tissue. The incisions are placed near the upper portion of the leg, in the natural fold, or on the inner thighs.

The length of the incision will reflect the extent of excess skin, fat and tissue. An outer thigh lift can be performed with an incision from the fold at the groin, around the hip, and across the back, which may be needed for body contouring after bariatric surgery. Once the excess tissues are removed, the skin is tightened and meticulously closed so the thighs appear smoother and nicely sculpted. You will awaken from surgery with the treated area protected with surgical dressings. You are then released to return home to rest and recover but must plan to have another adult transport you home. 

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Thigh lift recovery timeline

Following your procedure, the results are immediately visible, but will improve after the natural swelling has faded. The recovery moves through the following steps:

  • Day one: You will feel tired after the surgery and will want to rest for a few hours. To manage post-operative pain, prescription medication will keep you comfortable. Take gentle walks around your home to stimulate circulation and speed healing.
  • Day three: This is when swelling peaks. You will be wearing a compression garment. Ensure you limit your activities to protect the incisions from any pulling or stretching. Your physical activities should be minimal at this time.
  • Seven to fourteen days: Your thighs are starting to take on the final look, as the swelling and bruising has faded. You will still need to wear the compression garment, and any sutures will be removed at a follow-up appointment.
  • Two to four weeks: You can increase your walking exercise, which is important following surgery. Gentle walks are an important factor in a fast, healthy recovery.
  • Four to eight weeks: Your incisions are healed, and swelling has disappeared. The scars will be visible at this point.
  • Six months: The results of your thigh lift are now fully visible, and the incision lines are fading. The scars will continue to improve in the months ahead, fading to being a thin line that matches your skin color. You can now enjoy your new figure and show it off in tight clothing with confidence!

Meet with us at The Few Institute

Schedule a consultation with us to discuss a thigh lift in Chicago and get all your questions answered. The Few Institute was established by Dr. Julius Few, a leading Chicago plastic surgeon. Dr. Few is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and serves as a Clinical Associate at Chicago University, Plastic Surgery Division. He is widely recognized as being among the best plastic surgeons practicing in Chicago. He is passionate about the art of advanced plastic surgery, and a talented specialist.

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